These bags are wonderful… beautiful, high-quality, incredibly practical… I LOVED using them at the Women Achievers Congress in London! Everyone commented on them as they saw me be able to get into them easily without havng to remove the bag from my shoulder… the side openings are a fantastic idea!! I recommend them highly for all women who want to combine great style with… ease of useage.

Kacy Crystal-Spoerer

My wife loves her bag Radka!

Trevor Rickards

I am in love with this bag from Definitely Yours!

Sabrina Tubic

I love my Definitely Yours backpack it is so versatile, you can wear it on your back or I love to have it as shown in photo as it compliments the outfit you are wearing

Sandra Goebel

My wife Sheri Johnson has one of Definitely Yours creations and loves it.

Mark Johnson

I love back-pack purses, and they are difficult to find. I have been looking for them for years. I also have a hard time finding “dressy” back packs. I never go anywhere without mine, and I get tired about all the comments about it. I think it it looked nice with my trench coat, everyone would think it was less comical. I walk everywhere, and never know what I am going to pick up while walking down the street.

Grace Angela Burgomaster

I finally opened my package, I love it.

Thank you so much

Mamie Snoddy

Hi there

3 years ago I purchased a “bag” made from cork. – I have other purses around the house but have never gone back. I worked in a law firm while I had this bag and carried it with me everyday. The convenient part was that when going to work I carried my lunch and everything else – and bought gifts or things I needed at home – which got stuffed in my bag. If I had a meeting I carried makeup, change of clothes on top of my normal stuff I carry in my purse.

Then I travelled from Edmonton to the USA – and since my luggage has gotten lost a couple of times I generally pack extra stuff in my bag. When I am trying to pull my luggage carry my computer and hold on to my passport my arms are full. But with the Definitely Yours bag – I use it as a backpack – and that gives me versatility to carry my stuff.

I travel as much as I can but find – I do not leave home without it. Now I have a new black leather one – and it extremely elegant – but neither of them after travelling everywhere with me have never frayed, scuffed or gotten a tear inside or out – and I am not gentle with them.

The quality for North American is extreme high grade in all aspects of the construction. They are made for you and your comfort- which is amazing.

I say thank you to Definitely Yours and the fact that some of the money from the sales goes to charity – melts my heart! Thank you Radka and Definitely Yours for staying true to quality and beauty!!!

Debbie Lavigne

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